Wednesday, March 26, 2008

PNP plans to hire civilian personnel to replace police guards, technicians, mechanics and band players

By Ronron
March 26, 2008

The Philippine National Police (PNP) intends to replace its personnel who are acting now as guards inside camps, technicians, mechanics and band players with civilian personnel.

PNP chief Gen. Avelino Razon, Jr. said they discussed the plan in a meeting Wednesday morning among top-level officials of the organization so as to maximize the utilization of their personnel for their anti-criminality campaign.

“We will do this so we can download these personnel to the streets and the police stations and precincts,” Razon told reporters yesterday at Camp Crame.

“Hopefully, we could do this (before I retire in September) so we could push the human resources to the field,” he added.

Razon said they will implement said plan at Camp Crame, the PNP main headquarters, and in all regional offices in the country.

The PNP Directorate for Personnel and Records Management (DPRM) is still trying to find out how many police personnel are being used as guards, technicians, mechanics and band players as of now.

But in Camp Crame alone, it is estimated that 100 personnel are acting as guards and traffic guides, Razon said.

Asked if the new plan would have security implications to the camps, Razon said: “I don’t think there will be implications to the security in the camps.”

“We will make sure that we will get the agencies that are reputable,” he added.

Razon had vowed when he stepped in as PNP chief on October 1, 2007 to download 90 percent of the entire police force to the streets and stations to better address the criminality problem./DMS


L said...

its not gonna work either. the org may be more prone to the infiltration of the terrorist,NPA, leftist etc..what is the reason behind putting up a special units for the uniformed personnel if ure going to put there civilians..unlike if they were a trained officer their thinking will be more of a law enforcer and not civilians..kun civilians yan mag 8-5 lang yan at me holiday breaks pa..pag wala cla during those days sino magmaman ng unit..di wala..kaya nga kau nagrerecruit ng recruit ng new police officers para madagdagan ang strength tapos papasukan niyo ng civilian..naging PNP pa ang orgs na niyo kun puro civilian lang ang tao sa loob ng headquarters niyo..kaya mas lumalakas ang loob ng civilians na bastusin kau kasi mismong kau ang ng auauthorized gawin un..ang mga local governments dapat ang ngauaugment ng tao sa labas to enforce the law..the PNP is not the sole enforcer of law me kasangga kau ..gamitin sila that's their role in the community..para que at pinasasahod sila..dapat kun gs2 nyo ifull force ang police visibility limit the number of uniformed personnel in the office not necessarily to replace them with civilians..pero pano ba yan malilimit.cympre the BATA-BATA system will start na naman ..magpapa arbor na naman ke SUPT?SSUPT?GEN?kumpare/kumare/bossing..UNG AUTOMATIC PROMOTION NGA NINYO DI MAGAWA KAGAYA SA AFP..AFP has no prob sa promotion basta naka 3 yrs na magpapasubmit lang ng folder for attestation wala ng interview or exam etcc..kau marami kaung kaek-ekan..pobre na nga mga tao niyo andamidami niyo pang hinihingi na reqts at photocopies..buti sana iniipon niyo ung mga sinusubmit nila for future use at update lang kaso ung ibang copies sa isang folder tinatapon niyo laNG..DI NAMAN NAUPDATE UNG DATA NG TAUHAN NIYO..MALI-MALI PA PAG ENTER NG DATA..MAGIGING SIGA NA NAMAN ANG CIVILIAN SA PULIS..DAPAT NGA IRESHUFFLE DIN ANG MGA NUPS..UMAABUSO RIN PAG MATAGAL NA SA POSISYON AT PLACE OF ASGMT..please look all the cons and pros..hindi un basta gs2 cge lang

ronald said...

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ronald said...

hi po isa po akong Technician at gusto ko magtrabaho as a PNP Civilian Personnel dahil gusto ko rin tumulong sa mga Police. Salamat

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hi goodevening kailn po ulit mg kakaron ng hiring sa pnp band im a sousaphone plyr and criminology student undergrad po 4rth yr in u.m>>